Sermons on Judgement

Judges ~ Lecture 6 – Remembering Who God Is

Lecture 6 – Have you ever told your child to do something and then—an hour later when you ask if it is completed—your child tells you, “I forgot.” Do you remember the level of frustration you felt as a result? If you have ever experienced that, then you have seen a glimpse of what God must have felt as He was dealing with His children—the Israelites! What does it mean to say that Israel forgot the Lord? To say that the Israelites ‘forgot’ God is to say that they no longer were controlled by what they knew. Even though they knew who God was and what he wanted, those things were not real to them.

Judges ~ Lecture 3 – Forgetting Who God Is

Lecture 3 – As we reach the middle of Judges 1, we discover that the tribe of Judah was not able to drive out the inhabitants of the hill country because they had iron chariots (19)—even though the verse explains that God was with them. This causes us to ask the question, “Was it really that they ‘could not’ drive them out, or because they ‘would not’ drive them out?” In our lives today, we must realize that God wants all of us, not pieces. He wants to be the Lord over every aspect of our lives, not just some. “Ultimately, either all of our life is given to God in grateful, loving obedience; or none is.” Partial obedience is disobedience!

6 Reasons Relationships are Hard: Self-Centeredness

Being self-centered in a relationship causes many problems: We mislead others when we are self-absorbed. We misunderstand others when we are self-conscious. We misjudge others when we are self-righteous. The only way to overcome our self-centeredness is to become Christ-centered! A heart given to Christ is a heart that joyfully focuses on Him. We see…