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Judges ~ Lecture 2 ~ Halfhearted Discipleship

Lecture 2 – As we begin to study the text of the Book of Judges, we noticed that the author has written what is best described as two introductions to this book—each with its own purpose. The first introduction sets forth the military context of the book, while the second focuses more on the theological context of that day. In studying the military journal of the conquests and failures of the Israelites in chapter 1, we discover that the Israelites have a half-hearted commitment to obedience and dependence upon the Lord—the people were depending more upon their own common sense than God.

Judges ~ Lecture 1 ~ Introduction

Lecture 1 – What is this Book of Judges? And who are they judging? In this introductory study of the Book of Judges, we will explore the function of the ‘judges’ and the role that God had them play in the history of His people—Israel. This book is well described as “despicable people doing deplorable things,” so we will consider these stories not as stories of virtue for us to imitate, but as lessons to learn “about a God of mercy and long-suffering, who continually works in and through us despite our constant resistance to his purposes.” We’ll also look at the overriding themes taught in this book and how we can apply these teachings to our lives and cultures today.