Spring Softball

Adult Spring Softball

Batter up! Ready for the Temple Baptist Church Softball League for the 2015 Spring season? We are inviting you to join us for fun, fitness, and fellowship!

Who – Anyone 16 or older

Registration Fee – $36

Eligibility – All players must attend 2 services a month at the church for which they are playing. No Exceptions.

Season Description

League games will begin the week of May 5. Our team will play a double-header (6:00 and 7:00) Team will play 14 games. The season will last approximately 7-8 weeks.

Approved Softballs For Rogers League

All softballs used in the Rogers league must be 52 cor, 275 compression.  All softballs must be optic yellow, and must display an NSA stamp:

Approved Softball Bats For Rogers League

All softball bats used in the Rogers league must carry the NSA 2012 logo.

For additional information see the Rogers Activity Center


Softball Schedule 


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