Sermons on Attitude

Judges ~ Lecture 8 – Godly Ruler and Rescuer

After spending seven weeks looking at the first three chapters of the Book of Judges, we will be studying all of chapters 4 and 5 this evening. These chapters are unique in that chapter 4 is an historical accounting of the story of Deborah, Barak and Jael; while chapter 5 relates the events through the eyes of a poet or song writer, which provides us with a greater understanding of the story as a whole. Chapter 4 provides us with some understanding of the passage, but it is not until chapter 5 that we are able to see the hand of God continually at work to bring about His plan and His purposes.

Judges ~ Lecture 6 – Remembering Who God Is

Lecture 6 – Have you ever told your child to do something and then—an hour later when you ask if it is completed—your child tells you, “I forgot.” Do you remember the level of frustration you felt as a result? If you have ever experienced that, then you have seen a glimpse of what God must have felt as He was dealing with His children—the Israelites! What does it mean to say that Israel forgot the Lord? To say that the Israelites ‘forgot’ God is to say that they no longer were controlled by what they knew. Even though they knew who God was and what he wanted, those things were not real to them.

Worship and the Special Revelation of God

Last week, we considered God’s general revelation. We looked at some aspects of creation and determined that creation demands a Creator. So as we look once again at Psalm 19 this morning, I want us to focus specifically on the role of God’s special revelation in our worship. And as we study this psalm, I want us to notice that worship is not just a physical activity but also a spiritual attitude and cleansing.