Ozarks Baptist Encampment (OBE) is a cooperative ministry of like-minded churches in Northwest Arkansas, Southwest Missouri, and Northeast Oklahoma. Each year several hundred people of all ages meet at Grand Lake Baptist Assembly for a week of worship, fellowship, Bible study (& quiz), and prayer.  Our goal is to encourage people to grow in their faith in God. See for yourself how church camp can transform your life? 

Week 1: July 17-21, 2017

Week 2: July 24-28, 2017

Promotional & Teaching Information 

The resources page will include downloadable art (wallpaper for computers & mobile phones; social media formated images; etc.) as well as teacher resources for the Book of Daniel.

Speaker and Worship Leaders

Bro. David Watkins is our 2017 camp evangelist.

Week 1: Worship to be determined

Week 2: Worship to be determined

Bible Quiz

Bible quiz: Judges 1-16

General Rules and Guidelines

Registration Information

Background checks are required for everyone attending OBE age 21 and above* and shall be completed every other year at least 2 weeks prior to your week of camp!  The cost is $10 per person and OBE charges you only that amount.  We are going to offer a self-service option (mobile friendly) beginning this year that allows you to go to a secure website to complete your information and submit an online payment. Click the banner/link below.   See full info on General Rules & Guidelines page.   You may still complete a paper form and submit it along with payment by mail.

*All sponsors are required to have a background check regardless of their age.  Sponsors under age 21 still require special written approval by OBE General Superintendent.

If your church or ministry is interested in conducting background checks, please let us know if we can help you set up a cost-effective solution for added security and peace of mind to screen your volunteers.

We hope to see you there!