Kidz Choir

We are excited about the Kidz Choir program at Temple Baptist and we appreciate the trust you place in us each week when you allow us to work with your children. We are committed to providing a program that meets the spiritual and practical needs of our children.

The Bible commands us to sing with understanding and make music to our God. With these truths in mind, our Kidz Music Ministry is dedicated to training the next generation of church musicians to sing with understanding. That means that they will understand what it means to worship God and how to use the tools of music to lead others to worship Him.

We will help our children to:

  • Experience God through music
  • Cultivate a desire to know Him better
  • Be prepared for youth choirs and adult choir participation

Through the Children’s Choir program, you can expect your child to:

  • Feel welcome, special, successful and a necessary part of their choir
  • Find confidence in singing
  • Maintain a steady beat
  • Sing music with eternal value
  • Learn to use their talents to glorify God

The Kidz Choir performs during special events or services throughout the year which could include Christmas, Easter, Recital and other events.

Kidz Choir presentation of “The Real Life” directed by Joanna Allen.

Slideshow for the song “Nearer, Deeper, Higher” presented during the “The Real Life” recital.