Sermons on Decisions

The Life-changing Light of Christ

In our study today, we will spend some time thinking about the transformational work of Jesus in the life of Saul. Saul was a brutal and bloody man whose goal was nothing short of the complete annihilation of those “belonging to the Way.” God interrupted Saul’s plans with a miraculous encounter with Jesus. This encounter dramatically changed Saul’s life, but we cannot overlook the years and years that it took to prepare Saul/Paul for his eventual mission to the Gentiles. It takes time to build a life that can be effectively used in the service and ministry of God. In the same way, God is still working on you and me—shaping us according to His will.

Judges ~ Lecture 3 – Forgetting Who God Is

Lecture 3 – As we reach the middle of Judges 1, we discover that the tribe of Judah was not able to drive out the inhabitants of the hill country because they had iron chariots (19)—even though the verse explains that God was with them. This causes us to ask the question, “Was it really that they ‘could not’ drive them out, or because they ‘would not’ drive them out?” In our lives today, we must realize that God wants all of us, not pieces. He wants to be the Lord over every aspect of our lives, not just some. “Ultimately, either all of our life is given to God in grateful, loving obedience; or none is.” Partial obedience is disobedience!

Worship And the General Revelation Of God

General Revelation refers to the knowledge that we have as the result of God creating the cosmos and the moral conscience within each human being. In response to God’s general revelation, our first priority as believers when it comes to worship is to repent of our sins—asking God to ‘first clean the inside’ of my life. Our second priority is to discover who God is because it is easy to worship creation rather than the Creator. And finally, we need to realize today that it does not matter who we are or where we live on planet earth, we have no excuse to NOT worship God.