Sermons on Family

6 Reasons Relationships are Hard: Self-Centeredness

Being self-centered in a relationship causes many problems: We mislead others when we are self-absorbed. We misunderstand others when we are self-conscious. We misjudge others when we are self-righteous. The only way to overcome our self-centeredness is to become Christ-centered! A heart given to Christ is a heart that joyfully focuses on Him. We see…

The Trouble with Relationships… It’s INSIDE us!

Relationships are hard! It doesn’t matter what relationship we’re talking about—relationships are hard. A few minutes ago, we watched as two sisters collided after years of hurt feelings and pent up bitterness. Hostility reigned in that relationship! Years of joyful memories and glad celebrations were lost because of one moment—one decision. What was that decision? It was when one sister assumed the worst from the other and retaliated with hurtful words. When we make assumptions about others, we typically assume the worst. Why? The answer is inside us!