Set Apart for His purpose

Acts 13:1-13

  • The Church at Antioch
  • Diverse Leadership
    • –Barnabas who was from Cyprus.
    • –Simeon who is believed to be from Africa
    • –Lucius who was from Cyrene, in North Africa
    • –Manaen had been a close friend to Herod the Tetrarch growing up
    • –Saul had been a Rabbi
  • Authentic Worship
    • –Fasting and Worshiping God
    • –The Holy Spirit’s call for Saul and Barnabas
    • “True Worship is centered around Christ. Without Christ, our worship becomes rigid and centered around legalism.”
  • Obedient
    • –Continued to Praise God
    • –Obediently supported the loss of two leaders
    • Saul and Barnabas Called
  • Give up Control
    • –Allowed the Holy Spirit to lead them
  • Commit to following through No Matter What
    • –No matter the distance
    • –What they ate, who they talked to, or where they slept.
  • The Opportunity
    • –Intelligent Man
    • –He was seeking for something spiritual
    • –Already being influence by lies
    • The Opportunity and the Opposition
  • The Opposition
    • –False Prophet
    • – Was Jewish
    • –There for Spiritual Warfare

“Adversity strips away all of our half hearted commitments and beliefs, exposing what we honestly want to hold onto.”

What are you holding onto, that’s holding you back?




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