Exodus ~ Part 4 , Chapters 4:21-31

Moses’ excuses and unwillingness to obey evoked the anger of the Lord. God provided a helper to Moses—his brother Aaron.
Moses is commanded to take the rod with him to Egypt.

Moses’ Obedience to God’s Commands – 4:18-20
Asking for a ‘blessing’ from his father-in-law (18)
Receiving the command to go again (19) and this time, he obeys (20).

God’s Instructions to Moses
Do all the signs and wonders for Pharaoh. Pharaoh’s heart will be hardened. Pharaoh will not let the people go.

Moses and Zipporah Prevent God’s Wrath – 4:24-26
Moses had not been obedient to the covenant of circumcision. (Genesis 17:9-14) Zipporah realized what needed to be done.

God Reunites Two Brothers – 4:27-28
God spoke to Aaron and commanded him to go and meet Moses out in the wilderness. Aaron obeyed God and they experienced a sweet reunion.
Moses told Aaron everything that God had sent him to say.

Moses and Aaron Share God’s Vision with the Elders – 4:29-31
The elders were gathered together.
Aaron became the spokesman for Moses.
The people believed them and they worshipped God, just as God said they would.





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