Daniel Estes VSM Trip to El Salvador

June 2015 the Adventure begins…

An adventure with God, southerners and many short Hispanics (I was like a giant there).

Daniel’s Wisdom educational nuggets from his presentation:

I was praying that God would do something to me and I could help the people there. And the coolest thing about it is that it is hard to explain…

Before I left I knew it would be an adventure with God and that many other things would happen.

What I learned was, “The real educational experience I had.” I wasn’t the biggest thing to learn like we have the great commission. You are forgiven, those little words are not a super complex things to learn. They are the most important things to who we are because of Jesus Christ forgiveness we are saved and have to now and spread His Love.

Click here for more information about BMA Missions in El Salvador.




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