Sermons on Witness

The Transforming Touch of God

Part 2 – In this week’s message, we continue to learn more about Philip and how God used him as a witness of the gospel. Last time, we saw how God used him to transform a large group of people in Samaria, but this time God has a different kind of assignment for Philip. So what was God’s big new plan for Philip? How would God use His transforming touch next? God sent him down to Gaza—which the Bible refers to as a deserted place. To go from a growing church to a place where no one even lives—I would have struggled to understand what God was thinking if I were Philip. We cannot know what Philip was thinking, but we do know what Philip did. Let’s read this story to find out!

Luis Ortega – Lifeword Sunday

Who is Lifeword Media Ministries and what is their purpose?
Lifeword is dedicated to communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ through mass media to every living soul upon the earth.
The purpose of Lifeword Media Ministries is to assist local churches of the BMA to provide Christ-centered quality programming through media to produce disciples of Jesus Christ in order to fulfill the Great Commission.

The Mission of the Church

What does Jesus promise his followers?

He promised them the ‘baptism of the Holy Spirit.’

This means that the Holy Spirit would come and empower them to live righteously and serve faithfully.

What do his followers think?

In the disciples’ minds, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the coming of the promised kingdom were closely related and the Old Testament often connected these concepts.

They concluded that Christ was about to establish His kingdom here on earth, but that was not God’s plan. (v. 7)