Sermons on Eternity

How can Jesus be the only way? Don’t all religions lead to God?

What if there is only one way that leads to God? What if all the other religions in the world are leading people down a path to eternal destruction? What if Jesus is exactly who/what He says He is—the Way, the Truth and the Life? It is true that each of us has the right to believe what we want—but let me say again that we can be sincere about our beliefs and still be sincerely wrong. The culture says, “What is true for you isn’t necessarily true for me.” This brings us back to our original question, “Is TRUTH relative?” Do we determine what truth is, or is truth absolute?


Overcoming the fear of uncertainty can be accomplished by keeping our focus on the eternal. When we keep an eternal perspective on life, we are more readily able to see God’s plans for our lives. God’s plan for our lives almost always involve trials, tribulations, challenges and difficulties; but if Jesus is IN us, we have nothing to fear for He is renewing our spirits day by day.