Norma Fields

I love learning & sharing what I’ve learned. Being a middle child I started with my younger sister. After all, I had experienced so much more of life than she had. I shared all my accumulated wisdom and taught her about every new thing I learned. She was a compliant, eager student or maybe I overpowered her with my bossiness. At any rate we spent many happy hours together until I moved to the big city of St. Louis at the age of 17 to make my fortune. My fortune was meeting my husband Ron.

Ron brought stability to my life and always encouraged me to follow my dreams. I was a stay at home mom during our children’s preschool years & then again during their teen years, even though the budget was tight.   The Lord blessed us with 2 girls, 1 boy and 7 grandchildren. What a great life we have all had!

Since retirement, I have continued to learn new things and have loved sharing healthy solutions and other new experiences with anyone and everyone who will listen.