Adam Simpson

Adam is our trumpet player and occasional song leader.  He has a heart for worship and has been playing for the church since 1996.  What many people do not know is that when dealing with standard music, trumpet music has to be rewritten in a different key.  Adam has taken care of that every time that is has been needed.   Adam started playing the trumpet in 6th grade when they would bus him over to Oakdale Junior High for practices.  When his family lived in Huntsville for a short time, his 7th grade band was the only 7th grade band in Northwest Arkansas to go to marching contest.  When the family moved back to Rogers, he continued playing Trumpet in school and even took Music Theory as a senior in high school.  That invigorated his love for music, so he went to Central Baptist College to earn his Associates degree in Instrumental Music.  When I first came to Temple, I was thrilled to have such a solid worship band.  It was small at the time with just Kim Fulfer, Becki Swearingen, and Adam Simpson, but they were musical, focused on worship, and faithful.  I know we are blessed to have people like Adam leading us in worship each Sunday morning.