My Relationship With God

Directions from God… where do those come from? A voice from heaven? Funny, fuzzy feelings?  How can we know what God is really saying to us today?  This is how we can know…

He wrote us a love letter!

Over the course of human history God has been compiling His letter of love to all mankind. Through the faithful writing of this in very close fellowship with Him, His Spirit has directed the hands of men to express God’s love and plan for many aspects of our lives. Without this ‘love letter’ we would be unable to fully know the character and nature of God and his desires for each of us. This study is a foundational block for building a right relationship with God. You will notice the importance we place on the authority of God’s Word and the application that its teaching should have in our lives.

No journey is complete without a map os view the Bible as your map for your new walk with God. Enjoy your adventure!

Using God’s Word

The Bible is divided into two parts  – the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament contains 39 books and the New Testament has 27.

The name of book is listed in the order it appears. Beside each name is the page number of the first page of the book.

The Bible is our guidebook for faith and life. To know God, we must know how to use the book He has given us – The Bible!

Now that we have a general understanding of how to use God’s word, let’s focus on the following question and begin to explore God’s word.