Easter is just a few days away.  As I sit and write this blog, I stop to contemplate on what Easter is truly all about.  Parts of this blog post were posted on my Facebook page a year or two ago, but I felt the need to revisit the thoughts and dive a little deeper, share a little more.

Some time ago, I had read an article about a man who had been released from prison after serving 25 years for a murder he didn’t commit, a murder committed over 1,000 miles away from where he was at the time.  The proof was printed on a receipt in his jacket.  He was innocent!

As I was reading through Jesus’ crucifixion account I was reminded of something.  Most of us have heard the story of the crucifixion and resurrection, but the part in the middle is often skipped.  God kind of “Gibbs slapped” me with it while I was reading.  Matthew 27:54, Mark 15:39, and Luke 23:47 all record a glossed over bit of information.  They tell us that a centurion realized just after Jesus took his last breath that Jesus was indeed innocent. “Now when the centurion saw what had taken place, he praised God, saying, ‘Certainly this man was innocent!’” (Luke 23:47).  The centurion was just a moment too late in his realization.  He has been there as Jesus had been taken before Pilate.  He had heard Pilate declare that he could find no fault in Jesus.  He was there when Jesus went before Herod.  He was there as the chief priests and scribes accused Jesus.  He was there as the people yelled, “Crucify Him!”  He may have even seen miracles that Jesus had performed, yet it wasn’t until after Jesus cried, “It is finished!”  that the centurion finally realized for himself that Jesus was who He said He was, that He was innocent.

How many people are going to realize when it’s too late that Jesus is, in fact, our Savior?  How many will say, “Man, I was wrong!”  I pray that if you are reading that you won’t be one of them.  I pray that right now, you feel God’s conviction, that you realize your need for a Savior.  I pray that you stop, before you do anything else and ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins and become the Savior of your life.

To the rest of us, who have asked Him to be our Savior, I pose this question to you:  are we pointing other toward Him?  Are our lives showing everyone around us that He is alive and living in us?  I don’t want to be responsible for turning others away from Christ, and I’m sure you don’t either.  There will still be those who won’t believer, but I pray my life isn’t the reason for their unbelief.



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