Toilet Paper, A Toe Tag and Medicare

Actually I’m pretty resolved to getting older, there is really only one alternative and I’m not ready for that one. I remember my grandpa saying, “life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes.” Like grandpas usually are, he was right. The days, weeks and years fly by so quickly. The Bible says our lives are fleeting.

Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then you are gone. James 4:14

Lately I have been reminded over and over that I have a BIG birthday coming up. My mailman is not my friend. I mean really, does he think I need constant reminders that I now qualify for Medicare?

Day after day now for months my mailbox is filled with ads from every insurance company in the free world that deals with Medicare and of course Medicare itself. As my grandma told me ofter, you might as well laugh as cry, so I’m laughing and celebrating the fact that I’ve been blessed with these many years of life and good health.

Long life is in her right hand; in her left hand are riches and honor. Proverbs 3:16

I do have riches beyond compare, a loving husband, my adult children, my daughter-in-laws, grandkids and great grandkids that show me honor and lots of love. I am beyond blessed with many amazing friends and a loving church family. Rich I am! Another gift of growing old is becoming more comfortable with who you are. Another is choosing to look for joy in every circumstance of your life. Yet another thing, I’m so grateful for is getting old with Gary. We enjoy our life an dare content to simply love and laugh together.

It is strange to look in the mirror and see a very different image of yourself than the way you feel inside. Others and myself see me asa older but inside I still feel young. It truly seems like only a short time ago that I was just a kid or for sure my adult children were just kids. As you age your memories become more and more precious to you. I love to sit and reminisce. I’m kinder to myself and try not to put such a big demands on myself. I don’t worry so much about the small stuff!

I remember when I turned 30 I felt so old, how naive I was. I sure wasn’t prepared for the big 40! No that I’m really old I can look back and laugh about those days in the past. One day at the Adult Wellness Center (the “old lady gym” as my grands call it), I asked and older gentleman how he was. He winked and said, “Well I didn’t have a toe tag this morning so I’m great!” Again just laugh and enjoy everyday you are given. Every morning when I wake up (without a toe tag) I think God for another day here on earth. I figure if I’m still here He has a purpose for me.

Hopefully my year have brought me wisdom and I continually seek for God’s wisdom. I know for sure that I see things much differently than I did when I was younger. I try to always see the best in people and situations, trusting God more with every passing day.

Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring wisdom? Job 12:12-13

As long as I am here on this earth I plan to be the best of my ability to live, to learn and Love everyday. I will enjoy all that God has blessed me with such as salvation, family, friends, grandchildren, sunsets, starry nights, good old rusty treasure, flowers in my garden, warn summer breezes, brand new babies to cuddle, puppy dogs, rainbows, the beach, snow, waterfalls warm gentle rain, thunderstorms, CHRISTmas lights, beautiful music, chocolate, fall leaves, pumpkin spice everything, a hot cup of coffee, a warm comfy bed, air conditioning, someone special to grow old with, kids laughing, watermelon, etc. etc. etc.

In closing I hope I and you smile and reflect a little on life and aging. As long as the toilet paper roll holds out and I don’t get a toe tag, I’ll just keep on keepin on and I say “bring it on Medicare.”



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