Child-like Faith

summer_jam_1I currently work at a preschool as a lead teacher of 4-6 year olds. Brave, I know. Yet even after I work nine hours a day with a bunch of screaming kids, I come to church on Wednesday nights and teach Summer Jam, a bunch of well-behaved children. Being an intern here at Temple Baptist for my second summer in a row that job is in my intern description, I teach the Summer Jam age children, eighteen months to sixth grade. This summer I am teaching lessons following the theme of Heroes of the Bible. Coming home from college this summer I didn’t believe my heart was set on being the intern again, it had been an extremely rough year. I suffered through depression, horrible chronic headaches, transferring colleges in the middle of the year, going to my first public college where my professors cuss in class, losing my best-friend and moving forty-five minutes away from school. I can only recall two great things that happened this past year: I was honored to be on the Dean’s list my first semester of public college and I met an amazing man who loves the Lord. I didn’t feel comfortable to teach kids about God when I was struggling to stay afloat. Then God spoke to me, clear as day that I needed this. This wasn’t for my glory, this was for His and His IMG_1350alone. So I took the position, along with VBS lead music teacher and alternative games at church camp. I felt like it was an all or nothing experience, no toes in the water but jumping straight off of a cliff. He was so right, I did need this position even after working all day with children. These children loved learning about our God, completely absorbing the lessons and being able to repeat the stories the next week. They are learning, but so am I. I am leaning to have a child-like faith and trust God no matter the circumstances, something I had been struggling with. Along with this period of time, my mother developed skin cancer (all gone now PRAISE THE LORD). I should have been scared, but I wasn’t. I knew that my God was going to get her through this rough patch and everything would come out alright. My child-like faith was shining through, and through this period of time, I clung to Matthew 18:3, “I tell you the truth, unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, you will never get into the kingdom of Heaven.” This verse and the faith of these children have gotten me through this tough summer. Seeing how much they love our God has strengthened my love and faith for Him. Kids not only tell you the truth but they can, with the help of God, change your heart to love again.




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