vision, mission, values

Vision, Mission, Values

It’s been said that a person has time to do everything that is important to them.  You might disagree, but let me explain.  You see, if we truly value something, we will carve out enough time in our schedule to make it happen.

Over the past few months, I’ve spent some time trying to articulate some things that I value in life and ministry.  I’ve shared my thoughts about having a commitment to excellence and the value of a team concept in church leadership.

Some might wonder if it is important to put our values into words. Is this just an unnecessary exercise in academia?  Or is it really important to verbalize and communicate our core values?  No one would even consider arguing that mission and vision are not important, but what about our values?  What is it about our values that is so important?

In his article, “How to Discover and Develop Core Values,” Aubrey Malphurs explains that “Vision is important.  However, of equal if not greater importance are ministry values.”  So why are the core values of a church important?  Let’s explore the nine reasons values are vital.

  1. Values determine a church’s ministry distinctives.
  2. Values dictate people’s personal involvement in the church.
  3. Values communicate what’s important.
  4. Values help people embrace positive change.
  5. Values affect the church’s overall behavior.
  6. Values inspire people to action.
  7. Values enhance credible leadership.
  8. Values shape a ministry’s character.
  9. Values contribute to ministry success.core values

The core values of a church answer this fundamental question concerning ministry: Why do we do what we do?

As we begin a process of  assessment and evaluation, we’ll begin to answer that question. We will not all value the same things—and some things we might say we value might not be verifiable by our actions.

Do we believe in the mission and vision of the church?  Are we leading our community to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord?  Are we making disciples?

The degree to which we will experience success or failure in ministry depends on whether we share the same values with one another.  What do you value?




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