14859431605_1fcfc06f74_cChange is something that happens to everyone, whether positive or negative it is always going to happen. Some people are able to adapt to change and run with it making theirs and the lives of people around them better. Others have a harder time. Then there are others, like myself, which have mixed emotions about change. Knowing it is for the best yet having a hard time and continue to knock at the closed door. We have become comfortable in the rut we have created for ourselves and don’t want to leave that sacred place of comfort and lack of difference. Many people think they like the thought of change but when the time comes they hide under a rock or tuck their tail and run. But change isn’t always bad, a lot of the time it actually makes people’s lives better. When I was seven I was saved, that change, made my life completely different in a way that some with never understand. I know that no matter what happened to me I had a God that will watch over me and love me when no one else does. There are other changes that many are hesitate to make, like moving away from home or leaving people in the past who are bad for your personal and spiritual growth.

These changes are major and really hard for everyone dealing with them. Moving away from home and going to college two hours away is hard. Very hard. I was thrown into a whole new world of less sleep, more stress and an extreme amount of homework. The hardest part of growing up and being thrown into change was leaving my family, my physical rock that I had my whole life. The drastic change in my life caused me to grow up fast and be my own parent, I had to take care of myself. This transformation has caused me to be a very responsible trustworthy adult and I have grown spiritually from these experiences. I looked for verse that left me encouraged and positive about any change in my life knowing God gives me struggles to better myself and my life for His glory. He would never allow changes that would derail my life from Him. I stuck with one verse for a large portion of my recent changes, while I struggled to remain calm and trusting in His hands I knew He would bring me out of these storms of current changes. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.
No matter the change I know the Lord is there and will guide me through it, no matter how drastic the change or heartache. The encouragement His word provides me is a joy like no other and whatsoever happens to me there is no other god that can give me that but my Lord and Savior. Having this assurance and grace built around me is overwhelming and welcoming to know I am safe in His arms.




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