Let It Go

My 2-year-old grandson Bryce was born a preemie and is so small the doctors’ are concerned, but I believe he is just little like his Mama was. He is a charmer and full of life. He twirls and waves his arms as he sings the Disney song “Let It Go.” Those are the only words he knows…over and over. His twin brother Barrett often plays the ukulele in the background, wanting you to notice but not comment. We do anyway. “Nice singing, Brycie…and way to play your guitar, Bear Bear. Way to dance, boys!” And when their cousin Brody that’s the same age joins in, the dancing becomes even wilder and the laughter gets louder.

Last time I saw this audition, I had difficulty holding back my tears. There are so many things in life we don’t understand. The sin and confusion is not only in the world around us, but often in the people closest to us, and sometimes even within ourselves. It is overwhelming. Sometimes its effect is devastating to our lives.

imageJesus said in Matthew 19:14, “Let the little children come to me. And do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Certainly babies and little children give us that glimpse of heaven in their laughter, in their touch, and in their lack of fear. They really know how to love like Jesus.

If only we could lift our arms and sing “Let It Go” over and over, the world might change because we would be more effective Christians. We could carry the love of Jesus with joy and spontaneity instead of speaking only of the gloom and despair. We might see some hope in difficult situations and envision God’s plan for the world.

We have no control over most events in our lives. A pastor once said, and I have never forgotten his words, “Ninety percent of what we worry about never comes to pass, and the ten percent that does we can’t do anything about anyway.” If our Father in heaven is the only one of us with any real power, then why don’t we realize we just need to pray, trust Him, and ask Him to help us do His will in this world?

imageAfter we give God all the reverence He deserves, then we need to take a lesson from little Bryce. We just need to lift our arms towards heaven and say three little words. “Let it go.” There is glory in those words. And there is peace.




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  1. I love this June , I often think if we could just be more like children and love and except as they do it would be a much nicer world . Thanks for this precious story . Love you my friend .

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