Thought for the Day…

“Today: A Day your’ve never lived before!”

Have you ever had this thought to enter your mind? “Remember, today is a day you’ve never lived before.” It may have flashed across
sunriseyour mind as a result of a road sign, etc. But, I dare say that it may have come to mind in a most unusual way or manner. This statement certainly triggers a different understanding of the day, this day, today. This God-given day “is” a day that I easily might not have been given, but it is mine to do with as I please. This is an amazing gift — the chance to start again fresh and clean, but not one day can ever be “lived”again. You may be reading this blog as you sip your morning coffee or tea. If you are, please join me in celebrating this great gift of a new day! Isn’t it wonderful that we have been given such a choice?

sunsetIt is certainly a chance to listen, to offer peace, or make someone’s day better. It has been say that, “at the beginning of the day, it’s all about possibilities. At the end of the day, it all about results.”

So…at the end for the this day, Today we can reflect on the opportunities we have been given and how we have responded to this opportunities. Even if you have regrets, you can know that the following day (tomorrow) you will get a start again, fresh, living a brand new day; (that is, if the Lord tarries His coming), A day to live again.  What an awesome gift and an incredible 5447081088_9099c60e98_bopportunity – We can wake up each day to a very special gift:

Today is a day God has made and you have ever lived it before.

Each day presents its challenges, but within these challenges are great possibilities and opportunities!



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