Dealing with Life’s Problems

problemsDo you have problems? Are they big problems or small ones? Sometimes, it may seem we can’t deal with our problems because one problem isn’t solved until another one starts. Anytime a woman, especially one who is a mother, tells me she has no problems in her life, I tend to be skeptical. Many mothers experience problems from the first day a child is born. Some are health related either with the child or the mother. Others manifest themselves as the child grows older and develops behavioral problems. More and more women have to work outside the home to help provide a living for their families. There are money problems in help-lgmany homes in today’s society. One might ask, “How can I deal with my problems?” Some try to deal with problems in own way. Oftentimes this causes more problems. So how can we deal effectively with our problems? God has outlined a way in His Word in
Habakkuk 3. In verse 2, Habakkuk asks the Lord to keep on working and showing mercy to His people. In verses 3-16, he makes known his trust in God to work in the present and the future. In verses 17-19, Habakkuk confesses that he has no strength of his own and knows that God could give him the strength he would need to go through the trials he faced. In verse 19, he says, “He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; He enables me to go on the heights.” Habakkuk shows us God’s plan to help us deal with life’s problems:

  1. Admit them honestly;
  2. Talk to God about them;
  3. Wait quietly before Him in prayer and meditation;
  4. Listen and obey God when He speaks to us.

Letting go of my problems and letting God take care of them for me has been a hard learned lesson for me. Sometimes God still has to remind me that He is able and I am not. Prayer is the answer and God encourages us to bring our cares and burdens to Him. As Billy Graham stated, “Remember whether prayer changes our situation or not, one thing is certain: Prayer will change us!”




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