Be Who God Created You to Be

C and CGod has blessed me with two wonderful kids! Don’t get me wrong, they’re not perfect; but they are pretty awesome people for sure. It amazes me how that two kids can be so much alike and yet be completely and totally different, all at the same time. They both love reading, listening to music, watching movies, superheroes and comics. But the way they approach life is completely opposite from one another!

My daughter’s favorite thing is to go to her room, with her mug of hot tea, and be alone. However, being alone drives my son ‘nutty’! He needs constant social interaction. So imagine the potential conflict when these two spend every day together home schooling. One wants to be left alone—the other wants to do everything together!

God must have a sense of humor, right?

C and C PianoIf you think about it, as followers of Jesus Christ, we all have similar interests too. We enjoy reading our Bible and spending time each day growing in our relationship with God. We love our family. We love our church. We love to worship God. With all these similar interests, getting along with others in the church must be simple, right? Wrong! So why is that so?

When God created me, he made me to be like no one else who had ever lived before—I am unique! And as a unique creation of God, He also has a specific purpose and plan for my life. The key to a ‘joy-filled’ life is to discover how God created me and to serve him within my natural and supernatural motivations—in other words—serve according to my personality traits and spiritual giftedness.

God created you to be uniquely you. There is no one else like you! He wants you to serve him through your uniqueness. As you have worked in the church, have you noticed that some things drain you while other things refuel your tanks? We all have different interests and approaches to life. Some people love working with kids—others, don’t! Some people love to be up in front of everyone—others, prefer that no one notices them. Some people are focused on meeting the physical needs of individuals around them. Others tend to focus on spiritual growth and development.

If you know who God created you to be, you can serve him in ways that replenish your spirit (or ‘refuel your tanks’). If you understand how God created others, it will help you to understand what makes them tick, and hopefully reduce the potential for conflict in the church.

So we want to invite you to join us on Wednesday nights this summer as we go through an 8 week study called, “Discovering Your Giftedness.” We will look at both our natural motivations—what personality traits best describe who I am—and our supernatural motivations—how God has gifted me by grace through the Holy Spirit.

Come discover how God has made you ‘Uniquely You’!

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