Sending So Much More Than Money

The Bible tells us that God will supply all our needs (Philippians 4:10-20), and He often uses His people to make that happen. A few weeks ago, I shared a need with you and asked if you would consider helping a servant of God that was in need. We did not have a special offering, nor did we ‘pass the plate.’ We simply challenged you to give as God urged you to give.

For those of you who were not present at that service, I have a close friend and ministry partner named Steve Abalos. Steve is the pastor of Mandalagan Baptist Church in the Philippines. He is a godly man and faithful teacher of the Word. Beyond serving as pastor of Mandalagan Baptist Church, Steve also teaches at the BMA Bible College and is working on his graduate degree from the BMA Theological Seminary in Texas.

Steve has been experiencing some health issues recently and needs surgery in order to repair the problem. Hospitals and health care providers function very differently in developing nations. In order for Steve to have this surgery, he will have to have the cash up front. The estimated cost of the surgery is the equivalent of about 3 to 4 months’ salary. There was no option, they had to find a way to pay for this procedure.

Steve’s wife, Ofelia, made arrangements for a loan of P30,000 from a former employer and P5,000 from a family friend, to be able to pay the hospital bills. The only problem was that she had to promise to work for the former employer for the next year to pay off the debt.

Ofelia is the only certified teacher at the church’s preschool. Her departure would jeopardize the school’s accreditation status, but they really did not have any options! They simply prayed and trusted that God had a plan!

So what was God’s plan? How did God choose to supply all their needs? He chose to use you—Temple Baptist Church!

That Sunday, when we DIDN’T pass the plate, our church collected $835 USD for the medical expenses of the Abalos family. We sent that money to Pastor Steve this week. And by the way, after the transfer fees and the dollar to peso exchange, the total amount sent was P35,400! This was P400 over the amount they arranged to borrow! Your generosity has not only blessed this family, it has blessed their church and preschool. Thank you for allowing God to use you in this amazing way!




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  1. I received a message from Pastor Steve’s wife, Ofelia. She said, “Hi Pastor. Yes, we got the money and it covered all hospital expenses. Thank you for being channels of blessing.”

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