Dirty! Trashy! Splattered with residue…

Dirty! Trashy! Splattered with residue of the melting snow! My car of course! Three times Norma and I have been snowed in for 24 hours or more since the first of January. When we do get out our car takes a beating. The slush from oncoming cars splash the side. Cars ahead throw up a mess that get the front hood and windshield. I don’t know how all that dirt gets on the trunk and back bumper. Now my garage is showing the effects of snow and ice buildup on the car thawing and dumping stuff on the floor.

dirty car

The window of opportunity to go through a car wash is very narrow. There are only so many hours that are warm enough. The line at the car wash means hours of waiting. Then, you have to get out and hand wash because the dirt really sticks.

But what about the underside of the car. Recent studies indicate that out of sight and sometimes hard to reach areas in the wheel-well do not get adequately washed and the salt and other chemicals begin a deteriorating process that isn’t visible until rust and holes appear.

Face it, sometimes a full press cleansing is needed. Then, when you drive out with a sparkling clean car, you drive confident that the undercarriage will last as long as the life of the automobile. What a great experience to drive a fully cleansed car down the street!

There are times when individuals need a deep, thorough, cleaning as well. Jesus mentioned that the Pharisees were clean only on the outside through their ritual washings. They needed to clean the inside as well.

Our lives get dirty, trashy, and splattered with the events of daily living. We do have the availability of a thorough cleansing. We can wash the hands, brush our teeth, shower the body, but there are things that build up inside that need attention. For that we must go to the One who can do a deep cleaning.

Jesus invites us to come to Him with all of our hidden uncleanness. By opening our heart and inviting Him to scrub us clean of all unrighteousness He has the opportunity make us feel good, confident, and able to perform our tasks. Ask Him today to cleanse your heart and make you new.



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