The Growing Pains of the Church – Part 7 of Series

I.     The Essence of the Problem

  1. In Jerusalem – Being Neglected in the Daily Distribution of Food
  2. In Temple Rogers – Being Neglected in Fellowship

II.    The Opportunities because of the Problem

When a church faces a serious problem, this presents the leaders and the members with a number of opportunities. Problems are opportunities!

  1. Problems give us the opportunity to examine our ministry and discover what changes must be made. In times of success, it is easy for us to maintain the status quo, but this can be dangerous.
  2. Problems give us an opportunity to exercise our faith, not only faith in the Lord, but also faith in each other.
    • The solution to the problem: Get more people involved!
    • The church was not afraid to adjust their structure in order to meet the ministry needs.
  3. Where are we as a church in this process of growth? What problems/opportunities are we facing as a church?
    • Basic Principles of Church Growth
      1. “God wants our church to grow!”
      2. “Our theology never changes, but our methodology ever changes!”
      3. “We must minister to people where they are!”
    • Opportunities and Obstacles to Church Growth
      1. Transition from Pastoral Leadership to Ministry Team Leadership
      2. Transition from Program-driven Ministry to Gifts-driven Ministry
      3. Create affinity groups to enhance community
      4. Break through attendance barriers
      5. Must add surplus seating space and parking
      6. Offer multiple services
      7. Continually evaluate our progress

III.           The Result of the Problem

  1. The Church was still unified (6:5).
  2. The Church continued to multiply (6:7).
  3. God was magnified (6:8).





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