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Worship and the Unbelieving Seeker

When we think about all that goes into planning a worship service, where is our focus? Do we focus on what our people want? Do we focus on what the world sees as attractive? Or do we focus upon God and what pleases Him? In our text today, we will spend some time considering the effect that true worship has upon the life of a seeker, but in order to do that, we will also be looking at the impact of a false, frenzied worship as well.

Worship and the Special Revelation of God

Last week, we considered God’s general revelation. We looked at some aspects of creation and determined that creation demands a Creator. So as we look once again at Psalm 19 this morning, I want us to focus specifically on the role of God’s special revelation in our worship. And as we study this psalm, I want us to notice that worship is not just a physical activity but also a spiritual attitude and cleansing.

Worship And the General Revelation Of God

General Revelation refers to the knowledge that we have as the result of God creating the cosmos and the moral conscience within each human being. In response to God’s general revelation, our first priority as believers when it comes to worship is to repent of our sins—asking God to ‘first clean the inside’ of my life. Our second priority is to discover who God is because it is easy to worship creation rather than the Creator. And finally, we need to realize today that it does not matter who we are or where we live on planet earth, we have no excuse to NOT worship God.