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If Christianity is all about love, why aren’t Christians more tolerant?

Tolerance has become a buzz word in the twenty-first century. In a study prepared by Probe Ministries International, Scott Scruggs wrote, “In response to a survey concerning beliefs about God, a sixteen-year-old girl replied, ‘In my mind, the only people who are wrong are the people who will not accept different beliefs as being, well, acceptable.’ This girl believed that the only real sin is to not accept or tolerate other people’s beliefs.” If tolerance is respecting someone’s beliefs, does that mean that we are being intolerant if we attempt to convince someone to be a Christian? Does the Bible teach us to be intolerant?

Experiencing Power and Love in the Spirit – Sermon 6

Sermon – Experience Power and Love in the Spirit

If you want to walk in the Spirit of God, get on your knees and open your Bible. God’s love is incomprehensible without the power of the Holy Spirit enabling the believer to understand its immensity!

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