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The Untapped Power of Prayer

The situation facing the church in Jerusalem was seemingly hopeless. King Herod had just executed the Apostle James, and Peter was in prison awaiting execution as well. The church was praying for his release, but they really didn’t think it would do any good. How would they continue without Peter and James? Is there really power in the prayers that we pray? Can we really trust that God hears us and acts upon our prayers?

The Fiery Furnace

I asked you to make a commitment to stand for God… to spend time in His Word every day… to live a life of excellence in every way! And the key to this challenge is that I have to make up my mind to live by God’s standards before I find myself in a difficult situation. If I am not resolved in my heart, I will not honor God with my decisions. So let’s get real for just a minute… what does this look like in your life?