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We are a family of broken people choosing to let Jesus heal our broken hearts. We’re striving to honor God in our daily lives to impact our friends and neighbors throughout Northwest Arkansas.


Temple Baptist



A New Prayer Focus ~ Part 1

In John 17, Jesus prayed for…Himself, Followers of Christ and Future Christ Followers


A New Outlook

John 16:16-33, Do you have confusion about the future? Sorrow will change into Joy. Prayer is a specific example of the change.


A New Encounter

John 16:4b-16 People will often admit to failures, vices and crimes; but it takes the mighty work of the Holy Spirit to convince and convict people of their sinfulness.


A New Persecution

John 15:18-16:4a We are CALLED to FOLLOW. We are COMMANDED to TESTIFY. We are CHALLENGED to CONTINUE to the END.

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Recently I was blessed to be able to take a brief trip to Chicago with my closest friend and her sister. You see, my friend lives on the other side of the globe and we typically only see…


He Never Failed Me Yet

Last week, I picked my daughter up from preschool. While driving home I’m listening to her four-year-old ramblings about her day. As we pulled into our driveway to park, the ramblings culminated in a heartbroken and tearful voice…

Businesswoman changing reality of drought to spring season


Change…the very word almost makes me shudder. Change is hard, and few people enjoy it. Whether it’s relocating, or becoming an empty-nester, change is always on the horizon, like it or not. “Monitor and adjust” was a phrase I heard a lot when I was a teacher. “Adapt…


Making Time for a Rainbow

Life is busy and messy and altogether time consuming. Lonnie and I both began new jobs, I was ill, and we had long-term house guests. There was little time to think. I could almost see…


Nothing’s Going Right

In 3 hours time, my life went from being a chilled out afternoon and moving right along to being completely nonstop adventures. These solutions to the situations allowed me to help out my…

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