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Welcome to Our Church

A group of believers striving to honor God in our daily lives and impact the people of Northwest Arkansas.


Temple Baptist

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Where am I to pray? How am I to pray?
‘without ceasing’ - This is NOT referring to ‘uninterrupted prayer,’ but the idea of ‘constantly recurring prayer’—kind of like an incessant cough.
‘in everything’ - God wants the lessons taught during those difficult circumstances to be made effectual in us by His power.

Sermon Video, Audio, Text at www.templerogers.org/sermons/praying-in-all-aspects-of-life-sermon-5/

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35 minutes ago  ·  

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Praying the Kingdom of God.
What is the ‘kingdom of God’?

Sermon Video, Audio, Text included at www.templerogers.org/sermons/praying-the-ki…f-god-sermon-4/

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4 days ago  ·  

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Sounds of Life…

Laundry to do, dinner to cook, children to bathe, house is dirty, “I’m hungry”, shopping to do, bills to pay, “my sister hit me”, spend quality time with children, papers to grade, “my sister won’t share with me”…

Woman’s blog by Laura O’Connor
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I live in a world of words. All day I am surrounded by them; my words, words of others. Talking, listening, words are, literally, my livelihood, my career, and my passion. Words are…

Woman’s blog by Temple Carson
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Getting Through the Fog

I suffer from seasonal allergies.  It is zero, let me repeat that, zero fun.  Many mornings, I wake up in a fog not being able to breath or even see clearly.  It is frustrating to say the least.  I’ve tried different things over the years from shots to pills, but they don’t change the fact […]


He will renew your strength…

Tired. It’s a word I use every single day. We all know what it means. No need for a definition of that word. But I got curious one day and did just that. I looked up…

Woman’s blog by Kelly McEuen
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Etowah Falls

A Journey on a River from Calm to Rapids…

Well, I have placed myself in the river and here comes the rapids…I am going to figure this work out routine or it will spit me out on the other side. Like any newbie, the first thing I did was get a tour of the place and…

A woman’s blog by Roxanna Dabney
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