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We are a family of broken people choosing to let Jesus heal our broken hearts. We’re striving to honor God in our daily lives to impact our friends and neighbors throughout Northwest Arkansas.


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Preparing Our Lives for the Unexpected

This time of year often becomes a bit of a rat race. We survived the Black Friday sales, the Cyber Monday blitz, and all the ‘three-weeks-‘til-Christmas’ shopping traffic yesterday. Last week, Pastor Ron challenged us to prepare our hearts for Christmas—with childlike faith, generosity in our giving and our thoughts focused on Christ! These are things that all of us should strive for, but too often the ‘hustle and bustle’ of the Christmas season gets in the way. So how do we keep our focus on the CHRIST of Christmas this year? What should we do to prepare our hearts for Christmas?

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Christmas is about…

I love the joy of the Christmas season. I grew up the youngest of eight children, but my parents always managed to make the holidays special. We didn’t always get exactly what we wanted, but we had fun. They didn’t go into debt, but my mom was a bargain hunter and…

Learning To Love Yourself

I remember from a young age when my insecurities started. I was in middle school. Seeing all the pretty girls in magazines and movies I wanted to look like that and wondered why I didn’t. I remember…

Gratitude Changes Attitude

All the pieces of the puzzle came together in mind in crystal clarity. Gratitude changes attitude. That’s huge. That’s profound. I don’t need a good attitude to have gratitude. I need gratitude to have a good attitude! It’s no wonder that…

Victory Over Death

I just pray that I can leave behind as great a testimony of God’s great love and mercy as my aunt has. So, Aunt Inez, I will miss you until I take my Heavenly journey and see you again….

Breathe, just breathe

The past two days have been a whirlwind! In just over a 24 hour period of time, my new nephew was born, my dad had eye surgery then a heart attack, and my mother-in-law was involved in an accident. Today’s schedule of events…

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