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Welcome, We’ve saved you a seat

We are a family of broken, messy people choosing to let Jesus bind up our broken-heartedness and striving to honor God in our daily lives to impact the people of Northwest Arkansas.


Temple Baptist


01 - The Trouble with Relationships

The Trouble with Relationships… It’s INSIDE us!

Relationships are hard! It doesn’t matter what relationship we’re talking about—relationships are hard. A few minutes ago, we watched as two sisters collided after years of hurt feelings and pent up bitterness. Hostility reigned in that relationship! Years of joyful memories and glad celebrations were lost because of one moment—one decision. What was that decision? It was when one sister assumed the worst from the other and retaliated with hurtful words. When we make assumptions about others, we typically assume the worst. Why? The answer is inside us!


CBC Vision 2020

At Central Baptist College, our goal is to help you reach your academic and career goals as part of God’s plan for your life. Whether you are graduating from high school or returning to college after being in the workplace, CBC can provide you the tools and training to reach your goals.

04 - Secure


Overcoming the fear, worry, stress that is associated with Fear of Ruin.
What will you surrender to God today?

03 - Connected


The idea of being alone is a hard one to deal with. It is something that some of you have had to learn to deal with. In this message, we will look at the ways in which we can overcome the fear of being alone.

Recent Posts


In the Eye of the Storm

As I look out my window at the dull, grey clouds waiting for the certainty of the next spring thundershower, I am reminded of God’s peace that envelops and calms our restless spirits. For even though the storm is inevitable, the assurance of God’s love gathers us in His arms and holds us close through […]


Leaving a Legacy

Dell Tyson passed away last month. She was an incredible person. Inspiring, encouraging, and at times infuriating. She was my professional Supervisor, Cheerleader, Encourager, and at times…


God has a plan for us

January 13, 2016- I woke up and started getting ready for work like any other day. Here I was, 11 weeks pregnant, and excited about the prospect of having my third child at the end of July. We had just announced the pregnancy…


Time for Healing

November 23, 2013, I walked into the building that housed my then-husband. I had spent the three days prior discovering secrets he had kept from me and the danger that lurked in my own backyard just a few yards from my toddler’s bedroom window. I was…

Old letter

A New Twist on an Old List

When I was in high school, I remember a classmate, Karen Breedlove, telling me that 1 Corinthians 13 was called the “The Love Chapter.” Though I had grown up in church, which was the first time I had hard it referred to as such. Fast forward 35 years….

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