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We are a family of broken people choosing to let Jesus heal our broken hearts. We’re striving to honor God in our daily lives to impact our friends and neighbors throughout Northwest Arkansas.


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Book of Judges ~ Halfhearted Discipleship

What we are going to find here in the book of Judges is what is related to the history of the nation of Israel after the death of Joshua. We are going to discover that it emphasizes the religious and military struggles of the nation during a long period of settlement in the land.


Worship And the General Revelation Of God

General Revelation refers to the knowledge that we have as the result of God creating the cosmos and the moral conscience within each human being.


Book of Judges ~ Introduction

The book of Judges is alarmingly relevant to today. It records the Israelites’ descent into sin and its terrible consequences. The 12 heroes of the book, seem larger than life at times, but they were imperfect, just like us. Judges is a stern reminder that God punishes sin but is always ready to take the repentant back into his heart.


Jesus’ Final Words

The Bible tells us that Jesus didn’t immediately go to heaven after He rose from the dead. For forty days, Jesus spent time on earth in his resurrected, glorified body. During this time period, we see Jesus throughout the gospels appearing to the disciples to encourage and teach them.


A New Prayer Focus ~ Part 2

In prayer, we must focus on: Receiving God’s Word as truth; Believing God’s Word; Exhibiting unity among believers; Remaining faithful to God; Being protected from the devil; Being sanctified by the Word; Being sent into the world.

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